personality test

Gjorde just ett personlighets test, 85% spot on. sjukt

As an Influential/Direct person you work with and through people. You are naturally outgoing, interested in people and able to gain their respect and confidence. You are the most outgoing of all the styles. You are a little more organized and productive because of your Direct style. It balances out the Influential. You easily persuade others to see your point of view. As an Influential/Direct person you keep them as friends and clients. You sell your ideas as well as yourself. You are most trusting of people. You like sports. You will most probably be financially successful.

As an Influential/Direct person you admire people who express themselves well. You like challenging assignments with variety and mobility. You need work that makes you look good to others. You are too optimistic about others and about your ability to do the job. People see you as gullible and tend to take advantage of you. As an Influential/Direct person you are unrealistic about your ability to change others' behavior. Although you need freedom from routine, you also need data or at least logical thinking. You are open and friendly to others, sometimes too open. You tell others personal information that is better kept to yourself.

Status symbols are important to you, such as a big car and fancy house. You can be motivated with your name in lights, recognition in front of your co-workers, certificates and plaques. You are optimistic and enthusiastic. You're a born salesperson and can persuade almost anyone about anything. You trust others implicitly. The Direct in you is direct and may be controlling but the Influential in you is supportive. You may act in either fashion. You try to be helpful with slower paced, less expressive people but often override and interrupt them. You are most receptive to a friendly, open manner. You accept aggression in others and can be aggressive yourself. You like fun and child-like things. You don't seem to mind when things go wrong, saying, "That's life." Your handshake is firm. Your expression shows you to be eager. You look others directly in the eye.


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